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Carol Cooper


People are at the heart of all we do at Global Talent Compass and we  work hard to  develop the unique set of talents  that each person possesses and position them for success.

Our ethos is that we put people first and we live in authenticity in order to give others permission to step into their authentic  space in the corporate world.

Race inequality is a major inhibitor to harnessing the talents needed to lead and grow an organisation in a modern world.  Developing cultural competence as a key leadership capability  is an asset which will give you a critical advantage and minimise the huge human and financial cost of human relations management processes and limit reputational damage.

Building Equitable Systems prevents toxic thinking and behaviours developing into toxic cultures which precipitate racial trauma. poor colleague relationships , bottlenecks in talent pipelines and time spent in litigation.

Our team combines deep thinking and experience across a number of disciplines such as leadership, race equity, social mobility, psychology and cultural intelligence. The result is  a culture of innovative and dynamic development of equity improvement solutions that  have the capability to deliver the change we wish to see.

Our Services

  • Race Equity in Employment and Service Delivery

  • Authentic Representational Leadership

  • Conflict Resolution and Cultural Safety

  • Race Equity & Talent

  • Culturally Intelligent Coaching

  • Healing from Racial Trauma

  • Equitable Sponsorship & Race Equity

  • Leading Beyond Cultural Boundaries

If you  are challenged in the area of race equity and need to talk confidentially with a specialist in race equity or would like to understand how you can build an equitable system which enables all your people to  flourish and thrive, then please contact us for a bespoke consultation.

Chief Executive Officer
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