Global Talent Compass exists to help people, organisations and society, make sense of a fast changing world in which difference is an appreciating asset.  Our purpose is to equip you with both the science and the art of leading across social and racial boundaries to secure a thriving, healthy workforce, who have permission to lead authentically as themselves. Truly valuing diversity, means to understand the unspoken currency of success in your organisation and ensure that status, fairness, autonomy, recognition, opportunity, experience and reward cultivates social mobility.

Our areas of Expertise

  • Systematic Belonging
  • Developing Equitable Leaders
  • Cultural Competence Training
  • Equitable Accounting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Equitable Search & Selection
  • Healing from Racial Trauma
  • Measuring Cultural Intelligence
  • Investigating Matters of Race Equality.

Global Talent Compass 2019