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Human capital is the most valuable asset in any organisation. At Global Talent Compass we identify, nourish and position diverse talent and cultivate a culture of success.

Culturally Intelligent Talent Management taps into the power of difference to give you the edge in a competitive world.






Equitable Leader

Leadership today requires authenticity, agility, empathy, cultural intelligence, sensing and adaptability that cannot be feigned. Equitable leaders are real people who are not afraid to lead in their own skin and can lead across cultural boundaries.  In this pandemic world we have learned that so much depends on leaders who can generate real rapid trust and can respond in the moment to a fast changing environment. Leading in spaces where you do not belong, may not be valued and are seldom included is the challenge for leaders in this time. Global Talent Compass leads the leaders who are serious about leading through uncharted territory and engaging the myriad of talent available to succeed against all odds 

All Hands In

Equitable Cultures

For some of us the default setting of our world is the one we were born into, but for others the environment in which we work, live and play is set to the beat of a different drum. When the way we do what we do reproduces disadvantage and advantage, we are maintaining a status quo of inequality. In this time, when COVID19 has demonstrated how deeply interconnected we are as people all across the globe, can we really afford to remain in a place of denial or complacency about the power of culture to produce equity? Global Talent Compass supports organisations to build equity into the dna of their company, making equity a core standard of their design.

If you are ready to reimagine a world where equity comes as standard, we are here to help you make it a reality.



Equitable Talent

The Talent Economy is reminiscent of the matrix, in that we are never quite sure about the measures which are valued and by which we are recognised, positioned and rewarded.

We thrust ourselves onto the conveyor belt of application, shortlist and interview again and again in the hope that opportunity will be meted out equitably.

In reality it is our connectivity that enables us to navigate the minefield of subjective processes that characterise recruitment.

As we begin to understand our own power, value and strengths we can connect with purpose to the sponsors that will be the compass to a world of possibilities.

Global Talent Compass are the curators of a world in which Talent from all cultures can be cultivated, spotted, rewarded and positioned for success. 

If you are ready to take control of your Talent pathway or level up the talent economy, let us help you get to equity today.

Leadership Lab

Cultural Intelligence Assessment

Our people are accredited CQ  Facilitators  and are able to carry out research based cultural intelligence assessments to support the development of cultural competence.

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GC Index

The GC Index® is the organimetric that
empowers organisations to drive performance
and achieve innovation by creating
game-changing teams and cultures.


 Cultural QI©

Cultural QI© is a process of systemic assessment, definition, direction, disruption, measurement and quality improvement.  Centering cultural competence as a standard capability enables people to bring their whole self into the workspace, adding value, deepening relationships, minimising cultural conflict and improving outcomes.

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“Equity is both a science and an art;

GTC curating the realisation of Equity.

Carol Cooper

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